Macca’s, Tim Tam Slams and Jam Sessions


I apologise if you’ve been waiting for this post since I said ‘in a couple of days’ nearly 3 weeks ago (Mum) but life happened! What is life like at YWAM Perth? Well, my school, YP, is 50 students literally half of whom are Canadian! All the girls live together with the girls from the Performing Arts DTS and Surfers DTS- 51 of us in total! The house- affectionately known as 228, is conveniently 2 minutes walk from base and either smells like fruity flowery perfume or like feet depending on the time of day!

Each weekday morning we get up for Morning Exercise at 6am (sprints, jogging, circuits and sports) for a half hour, then I usually grab breakfast at the base and then head off for my ‘Quiet Time’ spending time with God before I really start the day. Then it’s back to the base for 8am for a half hour of Family Chores- my job is to mop the floors upstairs at the base! Woo! What we do next depends on the day. Mondays the whole base has a time of worship for an hour, Tuesdays and Thursdays we have presentations and prayer time as a school, and Wednesdays and Fridays we have worship as a school led by an amazingly talented guy named Cheneniah. Class time is from 10am-12.30 when we have lunch. In the afternoon I have my work duties from 1.30-3.30. With more than 400 people on base we all have to contribute otherwise the base would always be a mess! My job is to clean the bathrooms (glamorous!) and tidy and clean the YP classroom. We have an awesome team that makes the time fly by, so it’s not so bad a job! I have a couple of hours free time either side of dinner at 5.30pm so if anyone ever fancies a Skype between 7 and 10.30am GMT, let me know! Monday evenings we have class for 2 hours in the evenings, learning more about the Bible, prayer and worship. Tuesdays we have our Small Groups, mine is 4 girls and our school leader Bronte. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other more personally, pray together and just hang out. Wednesday is our free night to spend however. Thursday night the base has it’s equivalent of a church service and Friday night the whole base closes before dinner so we can go into the city to do evangelism. Thrown into the mix are innumerable trips to ‘Macca’s’ for frozen coke, Tim Tam Slams, spontaneous jam sessions and Trivia Crack! Weekends are our own and usually they involve a trip to a beach, a fruit market and a last-minute homework panic before the deadline Sunday night!

The first week we enrolled and we had 3 days of classes on the topic of Hearing God’s Voice which is one of the foundational values of YWAM and such a great starting point since we’re here to get to know God better! Even outside of class time God spoke to me in so many different ways and about such amazing things. It was a great foundation for everything we’ve learned since. On the Saturday we went to Moore River where there’s an amazing beach about 50 metres wide with the river on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other side, it was beautiful! And yes, I did get burnt. I put suncream everywhere except the tops of my feet… oops!mooreriveremily1

We swam and had a bbq and went further up the river to go ‘sand duning’ (sliding down sand dunes on surf boards). We had to swim across the river to get up the sand dune but once we got to the top- oh my goodness I’ve never seen anything more spectacular! Here’s a picture my friend Jadon took but it just doesn’t compare to the real thing! It was such a surreal scenery and we all felt so close to God up there.


This was the day when it really hit me that I’m not just Away-From-Home, I’m in Australia! As we left the river the sun was setting & it was a bright red colour- strange but gorgeous! Then, we saw kangaroos from the road (queue the excited squealing- mainly from Wes!) and had to take a different route than planned because of a bush fire! Yep. Australia..

Week 2 the topic was the Nature and Character of God- a pretty big topic to squeeze into 10 hours teaching! We had an amazing speaker though who showed us some great starting points for seeing who God is. Something that really hit home to me this week is that God is no different in the Old Testament to the New Testament. In the Old Testament it’s easy to think God is angry and aggressive when in reality He’s always been compassionate and patient giving us plenty of opportunity to turn back to Him but before Jesus there was no way for His sadness at injustice and sin to be fulfilled. Fun fact- the Old Testament took place over 4,000-odd years but the New Testament was just about 90!

Tuesday of Week 2 we found out the 5 choices of outreach locations! We weren’t expecting this until week 4 or 5 so we were a bit shocked. We were told to go and ask God for direction on where we should go and to hand in our decision on the Friday morning- not long to mull it over! I can now reveal that I’m going to Myanmar, India and Malaysia with an awesome team. We’re going to be meeting up with one girl Sophie’s parents who are local missionaries in Myanmar and helping them out for 4 weeks before spending 5 weeks in Kolkata and 2 weeks in Kuala Lumpar doing preaching, teaching, evangelism, women’s ministries, kids ministries- whatever we can get our hands on!

Here is a picture of my team from the night we found out where everyone was headed…

mimoutreachteam(Sam, Dylan, Oliver, Wes, George, Cody,
Sophie, Molly, Kristyn, Dana, Katlyn, me, Trish, Faith, Mary) …and Stella

My team still needs about $9,000 to be able to go on this amazing journey so if any of you can give any amount it would be really appreciated! You can go to and click ‘donate/pay’ in the menu on the left quoting ‘yp outreach sam and faith’ so the money comes to our team! You can also give by bank transfer, just email me for my bank details. If you can’t give financially then prayer support is greatly appreciated too- this is another big leap of faith for us all!

That’s all for now, folks!
Next time I’ll catch you up on weeks 3 & 4 and all the latest excitement- Repentance and Forgiveness Week, Australia Day and rain storms!

Katey xx


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